Friday, 25 January 2008

Anti-boredom weekend

One of my friends told me the other day that Sheffield is officially the most boring place in the UK. Those people need to get down to Reflective and start saying that in front of 2000 of the most bored people in the UK, i'm sure something 'interesting' would happen to their faces.

He was basing this on a newspaper report that in return was based on a survey of Google and apparently Sheffield has the most google searches that start with "i'm bored" wtf? talk about conclusive.

Anyway this weekend should be redubbed the anti boredom weekend because tonight Lights down Low are putting a night on at Penelope's in Arundel Gate which should be nothing short of interesting.

These guys (along with Eyes Down and Electric Chair R.I.P in Manchester) have kept the north ticking over and filling its quota for nu-jazz/broken beat and truly eclectic nights for years.
I'm almost wetting myself in anticipation and it'll be good to get out to a night that doesn't have bassline somewhere on the flyer.

Speaking of b-line i'm interviewing Ts7 and Mr V for the blog and trying to put together a TS7 remix for Leeds band The Hair, lord knows how that would come out but at least it wouldn't be boring.

Then tomorrow Mumdance of Vice and Old Blue Last fame are putting a night on at DQ's with Tronik Youth and Boy 8-bit who played at Club Pony a while back.

Club Pony is now moving to DQ as well, that place is going to have the monopoly on 'cool' nights, there gonna have to get an extractor fan to get rid of all the hairspray and popper fumes.

High Rankin is also playing some dub step down there which should be interesting, i've totally gone off dub step ever since i heard Milanese's album on Planet Mu, everything else sounds bland in comparison.

'Mr Bad News' should be the standard dub step producers work to, that track is harsh and when reviewing it it's impossible to say stuff like "you can feel the dread and drudge of inner city life between the bars with a ginsu knife in between it's teeth" music journalists love writing stuff like that about tracks made by 17-year-old choir boys from Swansea.

Anyway, basically there is some mint stuff happening this wknd i'll let u know how it went on monday!

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