Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Anti-boredom weekend: The results

Cocaine otherwise known as 'domestic dust'


Ok I was pretty annoyed at the comments I heard saying that Sheffield is the most boring place in the UK, that's total stupidity what about Bradford?!

I was pure fuming after watching T4 the other day they played the new H2O single and said "everyone knows bassline comes out of the grimey scene in London". Nothing makes me spill my wheetos quicker than inaccurate comments about the origins of b-line! Grime/Garage has nothing to do with bassline, i'm sick of reading about "bassline being dubstep's ying and grime's yang". B-line is more like house's racist bigot of a half brother and hardcore's coked up niece, get it right!

I never made it to Lights Down Low which is a major regret, but seeing as i have about fifty quid until easter i've got to be tight. I decided on going to Mumdance which was an absolute result . We got down to DQ to see about 1000 people trying to get in downstairs to see the bass player from Reverend and the Makers play some Inspiral Carpets and Pulp.

We dodged that bullet and went in upstairs, which meant we didn't have to queue and we could go downstairs to act like it's 1996 if we wanted to later.

Mumdance can dj, we missed Rankin playing dubstep but i was too giddy to do slow motion dancing anyway so them playing Sinden 'Beeper' had me pogoing about by myself on an empty dancefloor.

The whole thing was anti boredom, they kept things b-line and pumping but insisted on playing Dizzee Rascal 'I Luv U' which is the most boring song ever and totally ruined the buzz. I was contemplating shouting for 'Bow E3' or 'Eski-boy' but i resorted to shouting out some Tempa T lyrics instead. Mumdance aren't idiots though, as if they knew what they were doing they then slammed on 'So Much Love to Give' (pictured in the irreverisble post, someones been reading the blog!) and left me so excited i needed a sit down.

There are some weird people at DQ though, there were some bang tidy birds, your usual student types and a gang of about thirty 50-year-old blokes who smelt like poppers and looked like predatory male rapists. At one point i saw this young girl trying to avoid the grasps of two of the brutes, she eventually had to grab hold of the closest 20-year-old and snog his face off to get the fiends off her scent.

Still the night went a long way to dispelling the boredom myth. I went to the toliet at about four to see what looked like five gypsies having what they were telling the bouncer was a 'domestic dispute', seriously these were the most articulate and agreeable gypos i've ever seen. What they called a 'domestic dispute' looked suspiciously like sniffing coke but they somehow managed to stay in the cubical and finish off their little chat. I suggested they should call it 'domestic dust' which got me some of the worst looks i've ever had i even got a "what ya on about?" which isn't very nice.

Stay Bored!

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