Saturday, 5 January 2008

2007 the good bits!

I know i said i couldn't be bothered with a best of 07 list but here are a few things that made my year:

1. Umbrella - i never listen to radio one so when i heard this out for the first time it sounded fresh like oj!

2. B-line getting some much needed exposure and grime heads starting to spit over b-line beats.

3. Reading festival Patrick Wolf, Battles, Foals, Shy Child and Dj Shitmat specifically.

4. Laura Groves getting a single released.

5. Seeing Wolf Eyes and Vibra Cathedral Orchestra at the Baltic in Newcastle

6. The Cumberland Arms

7. Toddla T making dancehall sound like b-line and smiling through his dj sets!

8. Meeting Howard Wilkinson in Broomhill.

9/10. Shy Child -'Summer' it gets two numbers because it was that summery! Here's a video of their live performance at the Old Blue Last, minter:

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