Thursday, 6 December 2007

Heartbroken, but that's not why our eyes were watering

Pic by Chris Ratcliffe

Last Friday at Plug was Reflective’s biggest night in seven years. There was some mix up and TS7 was at vibes the night before.

Jodie Aysha was at Reflective doing a p.a, she got a massive response, i was wondering if there might be some boos but it was nothing but love.

I was relieved when she did show up cause the emcee kept shouting “Is anyone heartbroken?” after every other tune. Miss T and D No were playing some decent stuff and Mr V smashed it playing bassline dubplates with emcees over the top, it had a grime feel to it and had most rudeboys pogoing like some double dropping punks.

It was a class night til some nutter dropped what i think was a tear gas canister in the place, nice one.

I’m hoping that these aren’t gonna be the new accessory for b-line heads like rockports and stripey jumpers were about five years ago, my eyes are still stinging.

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