Thursday, 20 December 2007

Mashit, Ma-shit, Mash-it

Dj C

The first time i heard about Mashit was about two weeks after John Peel died. Rob da Bank played Dj C's remix of EOSS - Wacko Macko is Backo and the walls of my room almost started dancing. That was in 2004 and since then Mashit and Boston Bounce/Dancehall has got bigger and bigger.

They've even started selling Mp3's rather than just giving them away for free online. DJ C is the man most of the stuff revolves around, his dj sets which are available either from or have every tune worth listening to on them.

Aaron Spectre

Aaron Spectre is probably the best dj, his mixes are crazy moving through grime, dubstep, dancehall, ragga, bashment, jungle and breakcore, it's hardly easy listening but put it on before you go out and you'll be ready for most things.

He's released stuff on Deathsucker and Ad Noiseam and Cock Rock Disco, using dancehall acapellas and cut up breaks. He's also remixed for Mashit rehashing DJ C tracks and making tunes that are harsh even more diabolical.

They've started becoming more and more user friendly even going as far as putting up mash ups of the week and including more and more mixes from djs like Dev/Null and Murderbot. Dubstep is seeping through djs like kid kameleon who seems to try most things mashes up Kode 9 tunes with stuff like Boxcutter and Sky City Rising.

I'm trying to get an interview with DJ C or Aaron Spectre sorted in the next couple of weeks and i'm off to interview TS7 the 17-year-old kid who is making the best tunes in Bassline, it's just a matter of time beofre the mashit boys get onto bassline and that will be crazed-standard.

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