Thursday, 27 December 2007

I thought you were from Caracas?!

This is some bad footage of Devendra Banhart his band and Sir Richard Bishop playing 'Be Kind' after his gig at the City Varieties in Leeds a couple of years back. It was August 2005 just before things went a little wrong and the bad bad cover versions started raining down.

It was a bizarre night and i remember seeing a guy there who was arguing with his girlfriend because he hadn't heard his favourite song off the first album. I mocked him at the time but when i saw mr Banhart a year later in Newcastle i had the exact same morngy expression emblazoned upon my brow when he didn't play 'This is the way'.

I also remember this fool who kept trying to get him to sign things (you can see him accosting dev at the end) and Devendra gave his guitar to this massive native american guy and muttered something like "It's a disgrace what we've done to your people!"

what?! i thought you were from Caracas?!!! Didn't know you killed all the Bison

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