Saturday, 29 December 2007

Grindcore, Techmetal, Avantgarde...Whatever?!

I've just got the new That Fucking Tank 7" 'The Awesome Magnet' from On the bone records in Leeds. It comes with a free tour dvd of when they went over to europe. They make so much noise for a two piece and now they've enlisted Giles Bailey, the vocalist from Dananackroyd as well just to spice it up. They're two of my favourite bands and they've worked together previously with Kill Yourself before half the band went to art school in Scotland.

There's new interest in this heavier stuff with Gallows and now Rolo Tomassi getting some exposure, it's almost as if Tank and Dananackroyd aren't hard enough?!

Rolo Tomassi are operating on another level at the moment i'm going to see them in Sheffield with I Was a Cub Scout. I feel sorry for IWACS already because the noise these guys make is brutal. Their tee shirts and bags are mint as well (see pic), none of the drab macabre images just some simple brilliant design! There are no M and L left so i'm gonna have to nick one at the gig (or just buy one).

My amigo Super G is gonna do a piece on UK Grindcore charting it's history, influences and where it's going now after the emergence of bands like Rolo Tomassi and the departure of massive bands like the now defunct Narcosis. Watch out for that one.

Here's a video of said Tank with mr Bailey:

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